Personal Brand Statement

I have to admit that looking for a Personal Brand Statement has not been very easy. I was, the whole week, thinking of the best way to put together only one statement that could reflect accurately what makes me unique in this planet of 7 billion people. And yes, while it is scary and sometimes difficult to see our strengths and recognize our weaknesses, at the same time it is exciting to dedicate some time to really see where we are and how we feel about ourselves in the present moment.

Doing this exercise for me was very important, exciting and challenging for many reasons but it was especially an opportunity to simplify all what I have learned and lived in the past 42 years of my life.

What steps did I follow? The first thing it came to my mind was to write key words which would say something about who I am. And some of those were: Peru, Canada, Jesuits, family, friendship, teens, Industrial Engineer, Hypnosis, social innovation, culture, inspiration, passion, empathy, exploration, challenges, compassion, adventure, caring, visual learning, humor, pure/clear non-verbal communication, think/live out of the box, citizen of the world, etc. Additionally I checked personal pics to reinforce this process and chose this one. I was looking for authenticity to be the main predominant to create that statement.


After that, I went to explore outside, I did some researching in the Internet, read some articles, watched some videos and got even more confused and excited. I definitely didn’t want to limit my vision to only my professional experience because I think that moving to Canada and living here for almost 13 years is certainly what has given me the most valuable learning experiences that can make me stand out as the person and the professional I always wanted to be.

Finally I asked few people who know me very well what they see as my best value and this is the final product, my personal brand statement: “I inspire people to unlock their maximum potential and rediscover themselves using a holistic approach”.

While I am not 100% satisfied, I am very happy with the statement as a great start. And Simon Sinek gave me the last clue I needed. I firmly believe that each and any of the 7 billion people in this World have special and unique talents that can be developed through their lives and this has been my WHY, my inspiration since I was a kid.


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