Midterm Review: Privacy and Security

It seems that privacy is the price we all have to pay for being connected to the online digital world. The information we share and produce nowadays is unlimited and more digitized. Technology can analyze this Big Data with great advantages and positive effects for humanity. At the same time, some companies use them to create consumer profiles to market their customers (us). This is when the question arises about our privacy and how much we can do to protect ourselves of being tracked or followed by third parties as we all learned how cookies operate in our computers.

Screenshot 2015-10-15 17.02.21

As users of social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn we have had the chance to interact and share valuable information with other communities, allowing us to create greater opportunities for change not only in the communities but in the whole World. The drawback is how much of our personal private information has been exposed in the process and some people have already lived the consequences of that through Cyberbullying or/and Cyberstalking. The debate of authenticity vs anonymity has become vital and current.

The reality is the more technology develops, the more likely our privacy and security will become more vulnerable. It is in our best interests to keep some information private most of the time such as health, relationship, banking and even location-based information. It is important to know about The Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). This is the Canadian government’s current answer to the privacy dilemma. But we have to remember that conditions online change faster than we ever can imagine.

As an example, let’s check the grow of malware from 357 in 1990 to 54 million in 2010. Malware, Phishing, Spoofing, Identity Theft are among what we know as types of Cybercrime.


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