How to make Google searching easier?

Google is still by far, the most used search engine in the world and it is a very powerful tool if we know how to use it properly. Check the following tips to find information in a faster, easier and more productive way.

1. Search for an exact word or phrase.

Use quotation marks (” “) around the word or phrase.

Example: “Government of Peru”

2. Search for something on specific site.

Use the ‘site:’ operator to search only within a certain website.

Example: election 2015   or election 2015

3. Search for a definition.

The fastest way to find the definition of a word is by writing ‘define’ and immediately the word.

Example: define momentum

4. Search for a specific product available within a specific price range.

Write the name of the product followed by the price range separated by two periods without spaces.

Example: leather jacket $200..$350

5. Search for a specific filetype.

Write name of the file followed by the ‘filetype:’ operator. After the operator type in the extension of the file (txt, pdf, swf, xlsx, gif, etc).

Example: weather Lima filetype:pdf

6. Include or ignore words.

To include words on the search use ‘OR’  before the words.

Example: marathon OR race

To ignore a word type minus sign before the word. This works with more than one exclusion and with domain names.

Example: Peru -Lima -Cusco

7. Find sites or pages similar to an existing one.

Use ‘related:’ operator before the name of the existing site to find similar ones.


8. Confirm the exact form of a quote even if missing some of the words.

Use an asterisk ‘*’ as a placeholder for any unknown or missing terms in a quote.

Example: “be not * of going slowly, be * only of standing still”

9. Search for pages containing two connected words.

Use a dash ‘-‘ in order to search for pages with two connected words.

Example: agency-government

10. Search for social media containing a specific tag.

Use ‘@’ to find social tags and ‘#’ to find popular hashtags for trending topics.

Example: @anibullon   #CEID100


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