We heard about Social Media all the time but everybody has their own idea and experience of it. We use it all the time to be in contact with people in the professional and personal environments. Perhaps few years ago there was still a clear distinction between both environments but now we have to be extremely careful because whatever we consider as personal can easily be known by our employers only by searching our names on the internet.

The question that comes is “do we really know how to make the social media experience the most suitable and optimal for our purposes?”. Technology and the use of social media has changed dramatically in the last 13 years and it will continue changing and improving. For that reason is very important to learn the best way to participate in social media observing some best practices. It is very important to consider in creating our personal brand and define very clearly our objectives if we want to have a valuable experience. With that in mind, Social Media Optimization has become one of the most important tools to stand out among others.


But how to take advantage of the SMO to make any web site more visible? There are few strategies we can follow:

  1. Utilize your profiles in social media to publish and share quality, relevant and useful contents.
  2. Engage your followers and make them share your articles. It will important to make it easier for them adding the buttons of the main social media.
  3. Identify and take care of the most loyal followers and influencers sending them a private message or mentioning them in some of your posts.
  4. Participate and make comments in other social media profiles. We have to take in consideration that social media is a 2 way road. It is not always only about us.
  5. Set a strategy, define your objectives and the way you will get them.

Strategies to optimize our presence in social media are many, every person will have many others in mind but what is very important is to pay attention to the image we want to project out. In other words, this is all about the personal brand we are exposing through the social media.

Personal brand


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